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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What cleaning products do you use?

All clients are required to have their own appropriate cleaning products and supplies. If you wish to purchase products and supplies through us, we will deliver what you need at your next visit.  Our  Cleaners  keep tabs on what you are running out of and will notify you when something requires replenishing.

How many cleaners will clean my space?

Depending on the job and the size of your space, we will either send one Cleaner or a team.  Clients are charged for total hours of labour per employee, so one Cleaner working for six hours equates to the cost of two Cleaners for 3 hours.

How do office and event space cleanings work?

Just  send us a message or give us a quick call - we'll be glad to discuss your needs and give you an estimate.

How long do regular cleanings take?

Less time is required for subsequent regular cleanings since we are familiar with your space and of course, regular maintenance helps cut time down. Our lifestyle and habits dictate how our homes are kept and we’re all different, so it can be hard to predict this without cleaning the space first. We’re here to help - no judging - but the condition of your premise when we arrive, will dictate how long we need on a one-time and regular basis. When we speak with you to confirm your initial cleaning, we will be able to provide you with a ballpark estimate, and then confirm that once your initial clean has been completed.

Will the initial cleaning take longer than the ones that follow?

Yes. In order to bring your space up to our standard, the first cleaning will take longer than the following visits so that we can give your space the deep cleaning it deserves and learn your unique needs. Premises that have not been cleaned in a while or homes with shedding pets will take longer to clean as well.

Do you change linens or do laundry?

If you leave fresh linens on the bed and specifically request this at the time of booking, we will change and launder them.  Beds will be made regardless of linen changes.  Additional loads of laundry can be done as well but must be added to your booking in advance to make sure that we have accounted for enough time to complete the task.

What if something is broken or damaged during the cleaning?

If something gets broken or damaged, our staff are trained to photograph it and report it immediately, without reprimand. They are careful and considerate of each space they attend, but every now and then something can happen (we are human, after all). Once reported to the office, we contact you to discuss a fair and quick resolution. We do ask that any irreplaceable items be put away and anything you are concerned about is noted at the time of booking.

Are pets at home ok?

You know your pets better than we do. If the pet is comfortable around a new person, noise, and a vacuum or mop (which freaks out many animals), then having the pet at home is fine with us.  To ensure everyone’s comfort and safety however, we recommend that the animal be in a crate or separate room for the duration of the job. Please Note: We do NOT walk, feed or clean up urine or feces left from animals.

What if I just want to book a few hours of cleaning with you?

Certainly! Give us a call to set your appointment up. You'll be charged our prevailing hourly rate for one-time cleans, and we will discuss a priority list for your visit. We have a 4 hour minimum.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

In order to prevent a last-minute cancellation, we send out  text notifications prior to your service and require a 24-hour notice for.  A 20€ cancellation charge will apply if notice is not received before this deadline.  If we arrive at the cleaning and there is no key arranged for us or we cannot gain access to your premises  for whatever reason, a 50% of the estimate is billable as a lockout fee. Our staff relies on the work we provide to them and we must always respect their time.


For any inquiries please call or email us.

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